Gunner & The Prophet

by Halicalf

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released January 15, 2014

Chad Timblin: electric and bass guitars, vocals
Ben Mabry: drums, vocals

Artwork by Madison Johnson



all rights reserved


Halicalf Long Beach, California

Started in early 2013 by Chad Timblin and Ben Mabry

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Track Name: Ode To Daily Living
Seems like I'm never getting back what I give, today it feels like a huge chore just to live
And now I'm tired and I'm so sick of you, what's there to live for?

Pick up a book and now you think you're so cool, we were good friends until you made up a rule
That only people who agree with your thoughts, are worth the price of love (I'm not!)

It was a shock the day I learned how to live, now my heart is much more apt to forgive
I feel the shame right there in my head, how can I live more?
Track Name: White Heart
A black rabbit, a white heart, don't know if it's gonna start, you meant everything to me back then
Sitting here with my head on, trying to find, the reasons you are so blind
Track Name: Neurotic Thoughts Of A Childlike Adult
I'm sorry I know you
I'm sorry I opened my mouth
I'm sorry I told you
We should plan a day out
Track Name: Lady Loveless
The raindrops catch her, right there where she stands
There's fire in her fingers, don't shake her hand

Radios they love her, her other half
Reaping lots of money, her golden calf

Take my: heart, dreams, mind, soul
Hearts are not good things to trifle with, oh no

Something got a hold of her, when she saw him
Opportunity clutched her, in the dark
Track Name: Seetherstorm
Sunrise on beach, cold breezes on warm bones
Black shoes in metal clips, caffeine and warm fingers

Change your name, it will take your place
Words from your lips will become like barbs on a prairie fence

Reality sets in, yellow spit and upset stomachs
Sirens carrying news of trouble

Change your name, it will take your place
Words from your lips will become like barbs on a prairie fence


I am sleeping, keep the noise low
I am breathing, keep the hurried glow
No sense, nonsense
I'm back on my own
Keep your name in tow

Change your name, it will take your place
Words from your lips will become like barbs on a prairie fence

Track Name: Fuzz Over Me
Fuzz over me
Fuzz is over, fuzz is not getting in the way, fuzz was all that I could see
Fuzz was all we had
Fuzz is over to me
Track Name: Burning The Lithograph
Can't you see, I'm a human too don't wanna be by you

His life has become an unsold novel
Published by a higher up that has only met him once
In an empty room
With a clean, full window

Give me a piece to chew on, do you wanna lift me out of the storm?
Deeper than Marianas, and sunk further than the blackest ocean

His shoes are the protagonist
Left on his grandmother's doorstop
By his single adoring fan
That he writes to when he feels alone

Of course they never reach the threshold
They wait patiently through the weather until they fade
The pages turn and the words hold their meaning for a few dull days
Then they are left to rot
Like a garden in the dust bowl

It is a life of a lithograph
A life of a roll of film
Destined to be accidentally burned
Scorched to the tin
Yet it rolls on
Without the influence of instruction

"I can do this by myself"

Then he gags
In his car
On the way to

And begging
For help