Gold Dust

by Halicalf

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released March 14, 2016

Chad Timblin: electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, vocals
Ben Mabry: drums, vocals
Dylan Rettenberger: vocals in the hidden "Doo-wop song" at the end of "The Good Mouth" and in "The Suites At Heritage Point"
Augie Alvarez: beat programming for "Stripped" (the hidden track at the end of "Distance")

Mixed by: Chad Timblin, Ben Mabry, Russ Stratton and Michael Mercer
Mastered by: Russ Stratton and Gaurav Vij

Artwork by Ben Mabry

The Good Mouth music video:



all rights reserved


Halicalf Long Beach, California

Started in early 2013 by Chad Timblin and Ben Mabry

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Track Name: Always Embrace
I fell off the cliff
And there was water
There was water and water
There was water
And it turned into ivy
And the ivy was shallow
And there was water
And I could bounce
I could bounce off the ivy
And I was flying
I was flying
Over the ocean

It was all going so well
Until a gust of wind
Hit me
And I fell, fell, fell, fell
Back to earth

When I woke up
I was surrounded
By masks
On a small island
Masks of my former self
Track Name: Face Up
Here comes the wind

Neon seams, flowing veins, disintegrating ground
I'm following them, orange and green
Track Name: Abyssal Plain
"I will show you fear in a handful of dust."
—T. S. Eliot

"Trips to where few have been
Out of thin air, upon high winds
Rites begin when the sun descends
Have felt what few will ever know
Have seen the truth beneath the glow
Of the ebb and flow, where the roots of all mysteries grow
I am below, so far below
The bottom line

Dismiss this life, worship death
Cold blood night of serpent's breath
Exhaled like spells from the endlessness
In the bottomless wells of emptiness
Channeled to invoke what we represent

Feel my vessel go up in flames
Flesh torch lit by thee unnamed
Direct connection to the source
Vestment of unnatural force
Forever burning black torch
Wisdom of the old and true
Possessed by the chosen few
Shining to reveal the ways
Of a darkness that pervades
All that is and ever was
Inferno of witches' blood

Harsh winds flay mine flesh to bone
In splintered skeleton I roam
Wastelands with naught to call my own
But the path I walk alone
The hunger burns, within my gut
As my bones turn into dust"
—MC Ride
Track Name: Soft Silver Melting
Everything moves in a circular motion
Pearls below and the dreams in my head
Maybe someday I'll break from the cycle
But nothing will happen to me when I'm dead

How will I get from the place I find myself
To places above that exist in my head?
If I go it alone I won't reach the apogee
I'm starting to think I need help from my friends

Legions of angels deploy into my spine
Prodding and poking and pushing along
Helping me know the joy in sacrifice
Powered inside by the acceptance of love

One day I'll find it with madness descending
The satellite love that warms me to the bone
Creatures inside make me feel heavy
Living with them means I am never alone

Searching and solving puzzles of magnitude
Finding secrets that flow through the air
Pleasures reduce and distract me all the time
Trying to trust in the person I am

Singular focus transforms my inner spore
Cutting and breaking and throwing away
Everything but the things that matter most
Entropic forces lose the will to decay

Respect the void or it will consume you
Suck you inside and tear ya to shreds
Sometimes it's wise to maintain distance
Especially when people roll the rock from your tomb

Soft Silver Melting runs down my spinal cord
Recharging heat keeps the black thoughts away
Open my eyes and observe the atmosphere
The proper response leaves me with nothing to say
Track Name: Please Is Better
I won't partake in
This phony shit
Gold plastic Jesus
Must learn to swim
Track Name: The Good Mouth
Smiling just to show her teeth
The Good Mouth raises her hands

I'm drinking out of Circe's cup
And she's still raising her hands


In my heart there's a fountain that turns blue everytime I talk to you
In my heart there's a garden that blooms everytime you walk in the room
Track Name: The Suites At Heritage Point
I wanna play music in the lobby of an elegant hotel
Let it ring up the banisters and stairs,
and be a stranger to all the strangers

White sand and a red heart
I am tired, and I'm just watching
The curtains blow

Wind sifts through the lace and fills them up like membranes

I shouldn't order another drink
I should go for a walk and remember
Where I am

He's walking to a fairy landing
There is a boat arriving that shuttles visitors of The Point to canals further south
He feels hesitation, anxiety, paranoia
But he boards
He looks to a crew member and asks,

"Who is the last person that slept in my room?"
"Has the floor been mopped?"
"How thick is the glass in the portholes?"
"Will I have enough blankets?"
"What is my name?"
"How old will I be when I can retire?"
"Am I genuine?"
"Am I living?"

I wanna play music in the lobby of an elegant hotel
Let it ring up the banisters and stairs,
and be a stranger to all the strangers
Track Name: Absolving Shapes
"Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
—Book of Common Prayer
Track Name: Celebrate Nothing
I have no words
For this body of water
Track Name: Thread Count
Wake me up
I'm stuck inside a fantasy

Dust me off
Is this real or is this a dream?
Track Name: The Outside World Lives Inside My Head
Stuck in the mind feeling lost and trapped
Breathe to survive
Look in your eyes see myself in drag
Gasp in surprise

Don't say goodbye
Come say goodbye
To these walls of mine

Warm light embraces personal realities
Melting honey shows
(Stuck inside fantasy!)
Honest light coming from your irises
Returning to atoms

"Don't be afraid"
Said the Angel of Light
"You and I are one"
"Don't fear the sun"

Then the sun came up
Track Name: Dulce
Everyday I'm waiting for an intrusion
Of the conscious mind from a past self
To shine some light on me in the darkness
To help me find my way out of this hell

Say farewell to everyone
Dream of a place with no sun

Open my heart to heaven (my heart!)
I find out that there's no room for me (no room for me!)
If I can't make it to heaven (out of my reach!)
I might as well enjoy being free (free!)

Say farewell to everyone
Dream of a place with no sun

"Everyone stands alone on the midpoint of the earth
pierced by a ray of sunlight;
and suddenly it's evening."
—Salvatore Quasimodo
Track Name: Comfort In Warm Distance
Why hope for anything more
Than the moments of lying
On the white carpet in the late afternoon
Face up, letting the shapes of sunlight warm you

Shutting your eyes and embracing happiness
Simplicity. I am simple, dissolving into the atmosphere; it always embraces me.